Work work work....

So work on Thursday wasn't better-er as I hoped.

In fact I got so frustrated by the non-stop bombardment and sense of impending doom that I had a tearful breakdown at my desk. However working in a nice Christian environment meant people gave me hugs and told me to take a break.

Anyhoo... after the severe gulping weeping episode, I got back to work and was generally dreary for the rest of the day.

Friday was much better, and I was just as stressed but more like a cheerful I'm-so-stressed-I-don't-care-anymore stressed. Worked for 12 hours straight, without a lunch break. And considering I didn't eat breakfast to begin with, I think I deserved my very late and calorie-enriched dinner of fried KFC goodness. So all I ate that day was 1 mug of tea (2 sugars), a mini Milky Way bar, and then 3 pieces of fried chicken. Mmmmmm, healthy.

Thankfully I wasn't rostered on to sing or lead anything at church today, so I spent some time out under a tree, in the sun, reading Njal's Saga, which antares84 sent to me from Iceland for Christmas (along with Daim... mmm.)

And after church I was chatting with a friend and discovered she needed extra work, and hey, I need extra help AT work, so basically I recruited her to be my PA! I'd been given permission to look for temporary paid help (after my ugly-cry breakdown in the office) but didn't know who needed the work. So YAY - we've killed two proverbial birds with one stone and I am slightly more optimistic about going back to work on Monday.

Then it was to a family reunion dinner at the in-laws, which we were very late for (because of church) but they'd put aside lots of food for us anyway, so we had a good dinner and lay about on the couch watching Iron Chef America.

And now I'm ready for bed.


Ok so I'm a week late. Deal.

I like Australia over the Christmas/New Year period. Everyone stops working and just relaxes for a week and a half. The whole country literally ceases to work.

And everyone gets fat.

Anyhoo. I'm finally back to work, and OH MY GOODNESS it is stressful. Having to deal with the students who left last year, dealing with the new students arriving, catching up on all the financial stuff from the past 2 weeks, gritting my teeth while talking with nitpicky, condescending landlords, negotiating with real estate agents... and all with the deadline of 12 January, when all the new students start pouring in and wanting homes, and when I'll no longer have time to actually FIND them homes, because I'll have to be dealing with them face to face and placating their parents on the phone.

I nearly had a tearful breakdown in the office yesterday at my desk. I was teetering.

But then when I was just about to crack, I decided to reach out and ask for help from a bunch of people. And then I felt so much better.

Monday was the worst.

Tuesday was better.

Today was better-er.

Hopefully tomorrow will be even better-er.



Who needs to unpack when you've got the PS3 and TV set up?

Here's P (blue shirt) & our great friend Bobby (one of P's best men) who now only lives 5 mins away, now that we've moved into the neighborhood. He's got the pool and we've got the PlayStation + cable TV, so I foresee a lot of time spent visiting each other...

(The "good" camera is packed away somewhere, so I couldn't use the wide-angle lens... so I made a collage using my old Lumix. Heh.)

We're practicing staying up late, so we can be sprightly over New Year's Eve celebrations.


We're all moved in! Feels kinda like we're on holiday coz we're still living out of bags and boxes...

But YAY we have a house!!

Will post pictures when everything's unpacked and nice and all the boxes are put away.

Oh and hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with the in-laws... played with the very cute niece.... P made a super-yummy rosemary-garlic pork roast and it was, um, super-yummy.

New house!

We're moving on Monday!

The house is 70% painted, all the new floors (carpet upstairs, wood laminate downstairs) are installed, and the air-conditioning has been put in.

It's ready!!

Photos to come.

In other news, I'm kinda sad about the very sudden passing of one of my high school friends. He was such a nice guy. Not that we were particularly close, but he was one of those guys who made everyone feel special and included even if you weren't particularly close... which made him a great guy. Very sad. He was too young... :( It's such a rude shock when people die young. It's weird on Facebook and our alumni group at the moment because nobody seems to be able to come to grips with such a young person dying out of the blue (aneurysm)... Life is so short and unpredictable.

I need to tell people that I appreciate them more. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow!!

I know it's corny, but hey, sometimes corny is true.


Guess what!?

We bought a house!!!

Everything is finally settled and we have the keys and it's OURS!!

It's kinda strange because they evicted the tenants (who had more than 3 months notice that they needed to move out) and because the tenants had nowhere to go, they are now guests of our next door neighbors... and apparently they'll be there for a couple weeks waiting for their new place to settle.

So it's kinda weird because the people who were forced to move out of our house now live next door as our neighbors' houseguests, while we haven't moved in yet, because we need some time to organize the new floors and painting, etc... so they're living in cramped conditions next door while their old house is sitting empty.

And it's a duplex, so they're literally next door, sharing a wall.

Slightly awkward.

Anyhoo - other than that little tidbit of weirdness, IT'S ALL VERY EXCITING.

New floors! New paint!! YAY!!

The house smells a bit funny. Hopefully ripping out the old carpet will fix that.

Candlelit dinner!

My wonderful hubby made us a candlelit dinner today... pan-fried duck on rice with stir fried veggies in sambal.

It was YUMMY.

And then we had that yummy frozen Almondy Daim cake for dessert.


And then we sat around the house and did nothing and chatted.

It was nice.
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My life in point form

1. Went to the College Graduation Ball, as this was a requirement for all College Staff. It was fun. Free dinner, at least. And it was nice to get dressed up, although it was very tricky getting dressed in such a hurry, since we still had to be at work during the day, and then leave work half an hour early, rush home, get dressed up, rush down to Darling Harbour in peak traffic. Anyhoo, I decided to do something fun with my hair. Put it up in a ponytail, and then twisted it up and pinned it back on itself in messy knots. It was relatively quick (5-10 mins, tops) and I thought it was pretty fun.


2. Got news that the tenants that are renting the house that we are in the process of buying haven't moved out yet, and therefore the date that we were meant to get the keys has been pushed back indefinitely! BOOOOO. We were meant to get the keys next Tuesday, but that doesn't look like it will happen... so it might be a few more weeks. 2 more weeks would be ok, since it would save us on paying both the mortgage and rent at the same time... but still... it's a disappointment, since we were expecting to have the house next week. :(

3. Got all caught up on my episodes of House.

4. Going in to work tomorrow (Saturday!) to help prepare for Graduation on Monday! THEN the housing madness begins!!

Random bits

1. It's P's birthday today!!

2. P has come down with a little bit of a cold... he had a fever and has a runny nose and a very hoarse voice. So not much celebrating. But he's already had about 4 birthday cakes (church, family, work, connect group, etc) so I think we're caked out anyway.

3. We've revamped our photography business' website. I think it's pretty!! Check it out here... http://www.1tree.com.au

4. THIS ad makes me laugh every time.

5. We had a Sisterhood united night tonight at church... around 2,500 women, maybe? It was a fun night. A singer called Juliagrace performed. A great voice, with very very funny patter in-between songs. It was nearly like stand-up comedy with songs in between... I especially liked her ode to athlete's foot, and the other ditty dedicated to, um, brassieres. Her voice was very reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan or even Enya (or her sister Maire Brennan) at times. Now that I think about it I would've liked to get her CD. Oh well.

6. Bed time now.

House stuff

Our landlord won't release us 3 weeks early from our current lease, so we'll have to pay a mortgage AND rent for around 4 weeks, once we get our new place. BOOOO. Money's going to be tight!! Oh well, at least we've been approved to get that first home buyer's grant ($14,000 yay!), so that should help with our living costs, although we don't know when that money actually comes. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for it. And I guess it gives us move overlap time to paint and renovate the house before the furniture goes in.

We're in the process of checking out new flooring options. The house is fully carpeted at the moment and that's probably not the best idea in the long run, so we're looking at putting wood laminate floors in the living areas and re-carpeting the stairs and upstairs bedrooms. Renovating is fun! (Or as they say in Australia, "reno"!)

Not much else to update. Work is getting busy - end of semester madness as students move in and out of housing... the rent, the bills, the suspensions, the begging and pleading...

Oh well. Off to bed.