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Oh I forgot to add...

P and I went to the Blue Mountains a couple weeks ago for the annual staff retreat.

Relaxing. And COLD. Like 5 degrees. Brrrr.

Blue Mountains

That's me on one of the walking trails near the hotel. I got to wear my nice comfy Uggs. Yay!
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Date Night!

Friday Night + Payday = Date night.

Well, most Friday nights are Date Nights... even if it's a DVD at home.

Anyhoo, tonight P and I had a very conventional "date". Dinner and a movie. Oh aren't we old fashioned?

Dinner at Black Stump. It was disappointing. The shared entree was okay, but the mains... left much to be desired. Ribs were dry and stringy. "Grilled" fish was fried to death, not even grilled. My side of "buttered vegetables" were just unseasoned boiled vegetables in a cold bowl. The only upside were the chips (fries) which were quite good, although that might have been simply compared to the rest of my disappointing and thoroughly unsatisfying meal. And it cost nearly just as much as Outback, which, although it isn't my favorite place to eat by any means, seemed miles ahead in terms of food and service. And we nearly went to Outback, but decided to try Black Stump since I'd never been and Paul hadn't been to a Black Stump since he was a kid. BAD decision. Oh well... live and learn.

Movie: Night At the Museum 2. I really did enjoy it. Except for the fact that there were about twenty 15-year olds running around the cinema and yelling at each other and swapping seats and running up and down the aisles... I enjoyed the movie anyway. I really wanted to trip one up or slap one or something... but fear of retribution from the other nineteen hormone-charged 15-year olds caused me to hold back and concentrate on the Ben Stiller's squinty face.

P is going to pick up our dryer tomorrow morning!! We bought it last week but need to borrow the in-laws' car to pick it up, since it won't fit into our little Civic. YAY we're getting a dryer that I can de-lint my towels in!! And there's nothing like putting on warm socks and jammies just before jumping into bed... Mmmmmm.......
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Live Long and Prosper!!!

Went to watch the new Star Trek movie.

My inner trekkie (trekker) rejoiced.

I hope they make sequels!! I am such a nerd.

Church on Saturday was good. I led worship. All good, considering that we've had some problems with rehearsal times recently, after we implemented the new in-ear system for the musicians. So much tweaking. So much time wasted. Gah.

Tonight P and I made dinner for the in-law family (his parents + his sister + bro-in-law). A really rich creamy vegetable soup (onions, garlic, celery, carrot, tomato, pumpkin, random herbs, s&p, butter, CREAM... and an immersion blender), and caesar salad with roast chicken and homemade croutons. The homemade croutons were DELICIOUS.


And then I used the in-laws' dryer to de-lint our new towels.

We need to get us a dryer.... if only to de-lint our towels and sheets and to shrink my jeans back down to their original size.

It's getting cold in Sydney now. It's about 10 degrees (Celsius) right now, as I sit at my desk with a blanket around me. Darn these Australian houses with their cardboard walls and non-existent insulation!!
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Wolverine and Shopping!!

We went to watch Wolverine tonight!! It was fun. Much better than I expected, actually. Yay for the X-Men... It's still my fave comic book franchise.

Took the day off tomorrow and going to Sisterhood in the morning with antares84 and then out shopping!!! My GOODNESS I get to go SHOPPING!!! I'm excited! I haven't had a proper shopping session in a while! Creative rehearsals are on Thursday now, so most of the time I can't make it to "late night shopping" on Thursdays - the only day the stores in Australia stay open beyond 5pm. Frustrating.

I'm going to buy a dress. I've bought 2 pairs of boots recently, and have lots of tights... but no nice dresses or long tops to wear on top!! And I can't wear my nice boots with normal jeans coz they're all baggy around the ankle. Gah. OH and I need new jeans - I have the bad habit of finding 1 good pair and wearing it until it falls apart (and rarely washing it, so I smell...)

My current jeans are wearing out in the crotch area and there's a weird worn out part now. Soon it shall become a hole. I need to find a replacement pair ASAP until I become the crotchless chick.

Thank goodness for Australia's economic stimulus money!!! Woohoo - $900 to stimulate the economy with!! (I bought my first pair of real UGG boots yesterday. Real Aussie-made ones - not the silly "Made in China - but Australian, promise!" ones. See, I'm doing my part for the economy!

I might as well enjoy it now, since my children and grandchildren will be paying taxes to fix the deficit for the next few decades. Oh well!!

The Archive of BebeYoj

So I'm STILL sick. So I've taken another day off work. I took 2 days off last week and went back to work on Friday, which made me seriously crash. I got even worse on Friday and over the weekend... thought I could go to work yesterday (Monday) and I did all right, except for the fact that I was wheezing and coughing and sniffling and blowing my nose in the office. That's not just gross, but I just think it's highly inconsiderate to my co-workers, especially when quite a few have been getting sick recently. Not to mention that I felt like crap.

So I've taken today off. Still coughing (little chunks...) (SORRY!) but at least I got to sleep, and I'm not in a stuffy enclosed office...

Anyhow, in my boredom, I've been looking through a whole slew of photos that my mom sent me, and thought I'd share some of my childhood with you...

This is what big brothers are for, really.

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Past entries from the Archive of Qyoot:

Good Friday

Yay for the long weekend!! I like Australia. Good Friday AND Easter Monday are public holidays. Yay!!

Went to church today, and then had a lovely long family day with the hubby and the in-law family.

Here's a picture of the niece sorting through her loot....

Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter everyone!! Peace and love and chocolate for all humanity!!


So I've been kinda bored at work...

So I've started a Twitter! Wa-hey...? I think.

Past couple weeks have been busy. Did a wedding (photos to come) and lots of photos from album recording!!

And I'll be doing photography for Colour Conference too! YAY!

The cameras are heavy though. My wrist aches.

So the past 3 weeks, briefly: Weekends have been crazy, and work absolutely dead.



In the City

Last week we went to the City for lunch to celebrate f-i-l and s-i-l's birthdays. We set the sproglet loose and she had a grand time toddling around.

Mikayla in the City

So happy and pink.
common sense

Halfway there and a lovely weekend

So after the crazy work week where I had the crazy crying fit and then the weekend after that where I found Rach to be my temporary PA, work calmed down a bit. The actual workload was crazier than ever, but at least I had somebody else helping me with the time-consuming blah (sorting out multiple sets of keys for dozens and dozens of houses, labeling them, filling out details on rental contracts) while I handled the high-priority stuff and fielded the bombardment of people and phone calls and endless 'emergencies'.

And we actually got through like 25 people in 1 day (a record) before 5 o'clock without any dramas. Wahey! I was feeling optimistic. Jovial, even.

Of course I was still staying in the office til 8.30, or even 9 (on Friday) finishing up all the admin and paperwork... but at least I didn't feel like the sky was falling.

So the peak week is over... and only 1 week left! YAY!

And the weekend was lovely. In brief:

- Slept in.
- Church was fantastic. Led worship and rocked the house. The sermon was fantastic. High fives all around.
- Dinner at a new Thai restaurant. Not too bad. Fried fish = yummy.
- Slept in.
- Had dinner with P & the in-laws at the new-ish Ribs & Rumps at North Ryde. Lots of meat & fries. Mmmm. Chocolate cake for dessert at Towers.
- Bought garden tools. P spent the afternoon ripping out the huge bush and creeper on our back fence, while I whipper-snippered our overgrown... well, everything. Still one more section of fence to clear, but good golly our backyard looks a LOT bigger now.
- Having fruit for dinner because of our ridiculously calorific lunch.
- P's blending watermelon for juice.
- Tuna-mushroom-bacon pasta bake in the oven for the week's lunches.

Maybe I'll go to bed early.
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