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Well, I'm in the northeast of Thailand now, in a town called Khon Kaen. The food is yummy and cheap. We ate dinner last night at the street stalls and were full after spending just 75 baht (for three people). It was 25 baht for a plate of pad thai... that's like 60 US cents. Bwahahahahahahahhahahaaaaaaa!!

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Long live Teknologie!

Adn xxet! Yew still haff internet access.


Re: Long live Teknologie!

i'm using dialup! apparently we have DSL but nobody knows how to get it working.

and nazwaz, the niternet is 'teh gnu thang' here, and there's an internet cafe on every street, offering it for ridiculous prices like 25baht for 2 hours....

awww, pad thai...

send over some, will yew!

hmm, I was at mae sa long when i was at the northeast... haf fun babe!

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