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1. I've moved!

2. My flat is still a jungle of boxes and books, since I don't have any shelves yet.

3. I bought me a cool digital piano thingamebob... a Yamaha Clavinova... the CVP 204. I actually was thinking of getting a Korg or something other than a Clavinova, since those monsters are rather ugly, but I went shopping on a Sunday and I like to get things bought FAST, and I went around town and the Korg and other non-Yamaha stores were all closed, so Yamaha benefited from my immense impatience with dawdling over purchases. Anyway, as Musical Director said yesterday, "A Yamaha keyboard is like driving a Nissan... nothing flashy but it'll last forever." Anyway, it's the most expensive piece of stuff that I've ever bought in my life, the last record-holder being my guitar. It arrives on Tuesday afternoon. Exciting!

4. I went to an AMAZING concert on Saturday night... the most jaw-droppingly talented superband: Abraham Laboriel on bass, Tom Brooks on keys, Sheila E. on drums/percussion, and Paul Jackson Jr. on guitars. It was a freakshow, a total bogglefest.

5. The UrbanRace Band (my band) played great on Saturday evening after a horrible practice session... God is mad cool. I think He does this to freak me out sometimes.

6. Need a haircut.

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You bought a NISSAN! Haha, zroooom zroooooooom... I bought a Nissan guitar too! Haha. Yeah, you know what? I saw Sheila E on MTV, she was invited to this gathering of Divas or something... there are Cyndi Lauper, and Jessica Simpson? Yee. Anyway, yeah, she looked kinda different, she looked prettier on that Saturday we saw her. Hee. Yeah, UR band rocks on Saturday, and all glory to our kewl Father! We have a Cool Dad!

- vanny

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