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1. I've moved!

2. My flat is still a jungle of boxes and books, since I don't have any shelves yet.

3. I bought me a cool digital piano thingamebob... a Yamaha Clavinova... the CVP 204. I actually was thinking of getting a Korg or something other than a Clavinova, since those monsters are rather ugly, but I went shopping on a Sunday and I like to get things bought FAST, and I went around town and the Korg and other non-Yamaha stores were all closed, so Yamaha benefited from my immense impatience with dawdling over purchases. Anyway, as Musical Director said yesterday, "A Yamaha keyboard is like driving a Nissan... nothing flashy but it'll last forever." Anyway, it's the most expensive piece of stuff that I've ever bought in my life, the last record-holder being my guitar. It arrives on Tuesday afternoon. Exciting!

4. I went to an AMAZING concert on Saturday night... the most jaw-droppingly talented superband: Abraham Laboriel on bass, Tom Brooks on keys, Sheila E. on drums/percussion, and Paul Jackson Jr. on guitars. It was a freakshow, a total bogglefest.

5. The UrbanRace Band (my band) played great on Saturday evening after a horrible practice session... God is mad cool. I think He does this to freak me out sometimes.

6. Need a haircut.

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