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King Kong
Watched King Kong yesterday. It was... a lot. It was too much of everything. 'Excessive' is really the only word I have for it. Every action sequence ran several minutes too long. Well no, nearly every sequence was too long, too much, too ridiculous, too everything. It was a spectacle, sure, but I wouldn't want to watch it again. Not to mention that it's more than 3 hours long.

Two highlights:
- Andy Serkis is brilliant. I think he should receive a special Oscar or something.
- Jamie Bell!!! All grown up!!! And with a good American accent! (Well, more convincing and more consistent than Naomi Watts' at any rate.) He's gonna grow up to be a lovely leading man, should his career ever go in that direction. And they showed him dancing on the boat!! Now that made me happy, since Billy Elliot is one of my favorite movies.

Okay, that's all I have to say about that. I didn't really have high hopes for King Kong anyhow--I only went because it was my brother's birthday and he wanted to watch it--so it's not a big deal. Now for Narnia.

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my gosh I felt exactly the same way! I hated the immensely draggy beginning.

It was also very emotional though, and I was sobbing like a baby. Especially when the brontasauruses fell off the cliff :(

And Jamie Bell ROCKS. :)

ou were crying when the brontos fell off the cliff?! that was an action sequence!!

well, maybe my emotional unresponsiveness to the movie was because there was a TWO YEAR OLD next to me, sitting in her father's lap, and she was talking the whole way and her dad was doing the usual entertain-the-child thing going "Oooh look! a dinosaur!! ooh, it's BIG, isn't it?!" and some of the action seqeunces were really disturbing, and i was wondering what in the world the father was thinking bringing his kid to the movie.


anyway, Jamie Bell is MINE.

Haha yes I know, and I actually didn't wanna watch KK cuz I knew I'd get terribly upset. The poor Brontos :(

My gosh yeah there were so many young kids in the theatre and I think I'd have been terrible traumatised if I'd been that young and brought to watch giant leeches swallow a man.

Haha, Jamie Bell has always been mine. The good ol' dancing boy :) I loved him in the Green Day video! *sighs*

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