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Still testing ScrapBook here...
Well, sorting through the backlog of photos I've taken, I found this poor creature. (Click for full-size macro glory.)

Ladybug Ladybug

on Minna's finger, at Maroubra Beach, Dec 2005

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Awesome macro picture :D

Now lal I've got to do is to figure out how to work my Canon (the macro lens is being weird =\)

the ladybug

hao qyoot =P



Hi Joy,

Just to update you some links.

http://historymaker.tk (Site + Link to Blog)
http://gatheringofpeas.blogspot.com (Poly Cell Blog)
http://gatheringofpeas.multiply.com (Poly Cell Blog + Pics, etc)

Be Blessed!!

In His Love,
Kenny Ong

I hate lady bugs!! Tell MInna to wash her hands!

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