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Okay, I know I'm posting an awful lot lately, but hey, I'm bored. And I read that LJ News thing saying that Permanent Account users (i.e. me) now have 10GB of storage space. Is this just in ScrapBook? Anyone know? Is there another place where LJ users store stuff? I'm confused.

Anyway, I decided to test out ScrapBook, since I figure I might as well use it instead of paying for PhotoBucket, if it gives me the same service. Does Scrapbook do direct linking? Okay, let's test it....

Ah, there we go. Okie doke, I'm gonna start phasing out my PhotoBucket account. Since this LJ account is paid for... forever.

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do you miss aussie land??lol

i DO! somehow i get more things done over there... i'm starting to sleep later and later over here... going to bed at 4am and waking up at noon... or 1pm... aaaaugh.

Now aren't yew glad...

... that I tempted yew into getting this?

W00t, now we are 1337!


Re: Now aren't yew glad...

w00t? :P

one annozzling thing aboot ScrapBook, tho, is that if I want to make pictures visible on my LJ for the world to see, I have to put them on a public gallery in ScrapBook, which is kinda weird coz now any comic strips I psot will have to have their own gallery... hrm.

hey, what comic is that? People keep posting strìps and I wanna know what it is!

Pearls Before Swine

It's Pearls before Swine, one of the funniest ever.


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