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Arrrrh! Shiver me timbers!!
dread piwate teddy
So I was gonna bring my old DVD player back to Oz with me since it's region-free and that would come in extremely useful in a house of non-Aussies who own DVDs from all over. But then my old DVD player has the tendency to crash and go funny sometimes (it's old... I bought it in the days when DVD players were, like, the latest thing, dude) so I was just walking around the mall and figured I'd take a look at the new things that are on sale now.

Bwaha! DVD players are cheap now. (Digression: For some reason, when I just typed "cheap", my fingers automatically typed "sherpa", for no reason whatsoever. Weird.) Anyway, so I bought this brand new DVD player that:

1) is Region free, both NTSC & PAL, etc.
2) plays all the usual DVD/SVCD/VCD formats (as most players in Asia do.)
3) plays the usual MP3, WMA, JPEG files and...
4) is DivX compatible! So it plays all my downloaded TV shows!! Without me needing to convert them into VCD or DVD!!

So now I can easily watch Lost and Veronica Mars on a telly screen!! As if it were actual TV! But without commercials! (And I suppose now it would actually be fun to start downloading movies, but I still can't bring myself to do that.)

A player that is DivX compatible... What new devilry is this?! The piracy will never end!


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does this thing play VHS to??? IF so this means we can rent all the old disney movies @ the blockbuster that are only on VHS.

no, it only plays discs! but I'm also bringing a bunch of my own DVDs back with me to Oz too, so I've got Sleeping Beauty, Robin Hood, and Mary Poppins! Oh, and the Sound Of Music for Minna's benefit. hehe.

maybe i'll go look for cheap copies of Cinderella when I go to Thailand. hmmmmm.

Oooh, i've also found my copies of the entire 1st season of Lost... bringing that along too! Who needs real TV?

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