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Ow ow owww...
Why did I have to twist my ankle the day before I fly back to the Spore? I got my foot caught in a drain grate in church and OW. Now my ankle is kinda swollen and bruised looking and I can't step on it properly.

Traveling injured = bad. I have to haul a suitcase around!

*whine whine whine*

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Are you going to be at your 'old' address for Xmas? Or somewhere with your Mum and StepDad.

Does your suitcase have wheels?
Flutter your eyelids.....look pretty(that's easy) and helpless. Some young Lochinvar may help.

yup, i'll be at my old address for xmas. :)

heh, my suitcase does have wheels, but it has the very inconvenient trait of having only one very strangely positioned handle. oh well.

Hah! I KNEW church was eviol!


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