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Two Days at Maroubra Beach
I went down to Maroubra to visit Klapxela, one of my dearest InsanityBuddies from high school. SO much fun! Her housemates are hilarious, and we witnessed a MOTHER storm yesterday evening just before dinner. It was fantastic.

So anyway, the next day cleared up beautifully, and I spent the morning having breakfast at the cute little beachfront cafe that she works at, then laying on the beach for the rest of the afternoon.

In other news, I think I should begin a career in food photography. Mmmmm... Krispy Kreme....

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(Deleted comment)
neener neener neener!

Watch out for that seagull!

australian seagulls seem like australian flies - they DON'T MOVE. they congregate and sit until a human is nearly on top of them before they consider moving. it's weird!!

Be afraid. Perhaps they are saying,"Mine, mine, mine," in their little heads....

i LOVE krispy kreams! i would gladly love to be your assistant in taking the shots!!

how i wish spore would have krispy kreams!! sigh!!

Nice clouds, nicer food!

Mmm, Kwispy Kweme. We get it every Friday in the office, and I still got hungry looking at taht. Yew should become a food pohtographer!

Oh, adn nice feetses. You should updet yer entry in the TEUNC gallery!


Re: Nice clouds, nicer food!

that's it! new career path! food photographer!!!! YAY!

ooh, teunc feets gallewy. i frogot aboot that...

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