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All Dressed Up
A couple pics from the college year-end/graduation dinner...

Eating a chocolate pancake before leaving

Yoj, Steph, Lem

Yoj, Em

(Oh, and a new icon! tee hee!)

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thou is looking gorgeous gal! Luv. i like the look on you. oh try a marilyn monroe! =P

hehe, thanks!!

marilyn monroe?! nooo! there aren't any air vents in the pavements anyway. :P

i'll be back on MONDAY NIGHT!

I ♥ your dress! It's such a lovely colour too :)

hehe, yeah when i got the dress i thought you and your mum would like the colour too. :)

i agreen with nurul, you look gret! so what was this a graduation in? beauty queen school? }:8P

no, silly! christian leadership college! well, we weren't graduating anyway... some others were, but we were just there for the party...

i dknot see why the two could knot be combined...

vert true. i shall have to speak with the administration aboot adding some beauty qveen syllabi.

Yew loonk beauteously glamorific!

Adn that dwess is a nice coleur, too. Close to my favrite.

Wot's with yer fwend's tiara?


she's going for the princess look! it's vert fashionable now, didn't you know?! sheeeze!

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