yodge (yodge) wrote,

Travel meme!

from barahirion...

What is the last place you traveled to?
Bangkok, Thailand

Where are you going next?
New Zealand, probably. Or maybe Bangkok in the summer.

What was the first big trip you took, or remember taking?
I moved to Bangkok when I was about a year old, came back when I was about three. After that I remember flying back and forth between Singapore and Thailand with my parents every year or so, or more often.

So the Thailand-Singapore route has never been considered a big trip... First trip to another "continent" was to England when I was seven.

Have you ever been abroad? Would you ever live abroad for an extended period of time?
Yes, and yes, I already have.

What is your favorite traveling song?
Traveling SONG? What kind of stupid thing is that?!

Do you have a favorite place to visit again and again?
Hmm, not really. I've liked most of the places I've been to. So either all of them, or none of them.

Is there a place you've visited that you NEVER want to travel to again?
Again, no.

Where would you go if you could drop everything and head out the door right now?

What do you take with you when traveling?
Usually too much. Or maybe I just don't know how to fold stuff really small.

What is your favorite mode of travel?
Planes, if it didn't involved boarding a plane. It's the boarding I hate. Not the takeoffs or anything, but the stepping onto the plane - I just hate that disgusting plane smell of freshener and disinfectant mixed in stale, dry, dry air. But I suppose you get used to the nasty smell after 5 minutes.

Who do you like to travel with?
Anyone who doesn't get stressed out.

Is this meme any good?
Not answering stupid questions.
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