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Banoffee Pie Babies!
So I made Banoffee Pie today (biscuit base, toffee, bananas, fresh whipped cream). But I had leftover uncrushed biscuits and lots of leftover toffee (I love making toffee!) and of course bananas, so I made little Baby Banoffee Biscuits...

Don't they look yummy?

And we demolished the big mommy Pie tonight at midnight after Powerhouse. Woo hoo!

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hey joy!! tab again!! oh man!! they look superb!! slurps!! wanna send some ova? LOL. by air. hahaha.

haha! i'll make some when i get back to S'pore!! :)

omg!! they look so good! *drool*

hullo, I found you through barahirion...

Anyhow, my question is, what camera do you use and what photo editing program (if any)? I'm always impressed with the simplicity of your photographs.

thanks! i've added you!

well, i use 2 different cameras - a Panasonic Lumix LZ1 (digital), and my old russian Lomo LC-A for film. the macro shots (like this one) are with the digicam. :)

and sometimes I use Photoshop to add some effects. (Didn't for this one, though.)

(Deleted comment)
can i please eat that right now?

too bad!! they is all GONE!!!

but maybe i'll make more one day... ;)

(Deleted comment)
i posted the recipe in cooking, here. It's only approximate, since I basically never use measuring things... heh.

How did you get the blurry effect just using the Panasonic Lumix LZ1, pray tell?

(ohyes, and the photo is oh-so-clear, too (: )

well, it's the macro lens, and the depth of field is pretty small with a macro lens, making the stuff further away blurry. :)


I recognize it!! It's from the pretty black skirt!!! XD

And yes your cookies look yummy. Absolutely drool-worthy T_T


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