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So HousemateM & I went out today and bought stuff. We like buying stuff. Household stuff. Last Saturday we bought two 16-piece sets of dishes for SEVEN DOLLARS EACH. Eight dinner plates, eight bowls, eight mugs, and eight side plates - all for $14!! So now our house has matching dishes! Wheeee!

And today we went to the mall to buy a new blender (our old one is cracked and the base is falling off), and we ended up buying this totally awesome blender & food processor combo thing. 650 watts of chopping power! It's so fun chopping veggies, so I chopped a ton and made ratatouille. Yum.

And we bought a pool.


Okay, it's a blow-up kiddie pool, but it's still a pool!! And it's rainbow-colored! Summer is gonna be fun... Sitting in the backyard in the pool (up to our waists), sipping smoothies made with our awesome new blender.

(Oh, and new icons!)

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We still have the original plates we bought for a bargain like that when we first came here.
We have the nice willow pattern one still all pristine in its box.

oohh. fun. and im having o's now!! argh....


Nice icons

Nice icons,

where'd u get em from?

Tell me!


The Gaia Dream Creator for this anime-ish icon. i figure that's the one you're asking aboot...

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