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So HousemateM & I went out today and bought stuff. We like buying stuff. Household stuff. Last Saturday we bought two 16-piece sets of dishes for SEVEN DOLLARS EACH. Eight dinner plates, eight bowls, eight mugs, and eight side plates - all for $14!! So now our house has matching dishes! Wheeee!

And today we went to the mall to buy a new blender (our old one is cracked and the base is falling off), and we ended up buying this totally awesome blender & food processor combo thing. 650 watts of chopping power! It's so fun chopping veggies, so I chopped a ton and made ratatouille. Yum.

And we bought a pool.


Okay, it's a blow-up kiddie pool, but it's still a pool!! And it's rainbow-colored! Summer is gonna be fun... Sitting in the backyard in the pool (up to our waists), sipping smoothies made with our awesome new blender.

(Oh, and new icons!)
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