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I Smell Like Bacon!
Morning barbecue duty for the Hillsong Men's Conference - I hauled a gazillion loaves of bread and a gazillion cans of drink and cooked a gazillion eggs. It was hilariously fun. It was tiring. It was smoky. It's no joke cooking bacon & eggs for three and a half thousand hungry men.

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You want Yodge to send you the leftovers?

Ummm... They'll prolly be a greasy pile of biohazardous yuck long before they get to you.

If I get my head together, though, I might bake cookies this week. (I owe so many people cookies for dealing with me this past month - *erk!*) So you might find some in your mailbox if you're a good lille dwerrow.

Just possibly.

You smelled like bacon while writing this post?


I never minded food service all that much when I was doing it. It was immediately afterwards, when I would sniff and realize that I smelled like a giant hamburger... Then my first, second and third instinct was to find a shower and lather-rinse-repeat about 4 or 5 times.

I salute you for being able to overcome the bacon fumes (and the whole feeling of being covered in a film of grease) long enough to bring us this report.


Eau de Bacone...

(Deleted comment)

Mmmm.... bacoooooon...


(Do they have Beggin' Strips treats for doggies over theah?
Here they have an imitation bacon, and in the commercial, the dog screams "It's BACOOOOOOOOOON!" while the master nods and smiles and says, "no it isn't". The narrator explains, "dogs don't know it's not bacon".)


Re: Mmmm.... bacoooooon...

Do they have Beggin' Strips treats for doggies over theah?


we noly have reeeal bacon.

Hey... I dont know you but I noticed that you are from Sydney... I was wondering if you attend Hillsong College and church and if so... how is it? I am a fan of Hillsong and United. I wanted to know more about the experience in australia. If you dont mind i've added you. :)
Hope to hear from you soon....
-Joceline C. (Miami, FL. USA)

yep, i'm in Hillsong College. It's a blast!

It is still a regular (big) church, though. There aren't any 'stars' here... everyone's just normal, which is cool. :)

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