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Performance Day
So we had our Performance Day today. It was okay. I did my song well enough I suppose... didn't go flat or anything, although I'm pretty sure I was sliding flat in the beginning... nobody seemed to notice. It'll show up if it was recorded. But all in all it went fine.

Wore a pink dress.

Dinner: Teriyaki chicken, rice, soup. Vanilla ice cream & lemon-lime sherbet. Yum.

Other news: I've been taking notes from all my subjects this term in this little red binder. I lost it last Thursday. All my notes from every class this entire term. AAAAAUUUUGGGH.

Moral: Don't put all your eggs in one basket.


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hahahah. i know how that feels!!! at some point, you just wanna jump down! hahah. but,fret not! im sure somehow.. yes.. SOMEHOW you'll get the notes.. hhaahaha. :P


Any teacher's first comment is: Did you have your name on it??
At least it has a chance of finding its way home.....

Re: well, did you?

no, i didn't...


i personally think it must've fallen oot of my bag onto the street somewhere, because i clearly recall putting it into my bag as I left school, and it's not in the house...

oh, bummer. Is there someone takes the same classes maybe has notes on a PC, that they could copy for you?
Sometimes lecturers will give you a printout if you look genuine enough and tell a loooong sob story.

joy! heys! haha! church has been quieter without u!:) haha! hope n trust tt u're doin fine there..use the auotgraph bk yer cell gave to u fer yer farewell! lotsa empty pages still! :) just being enviro-friendly here!:) miss yoo much! *hugs all de way from spore* -jun lynn

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