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Eye of the Tiger
It was 80s Night at Powerhouse tonight. It was hysterically funny. The dancing, the music, the awful awful awful clothes....

I gelled my hair all over to one side. It was fun.

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looks like fun!! lol..
have never seen u like this before.. but looks cool.. really! :0D

can't remember the clothes-I *did* have a pair of flared trews left over from the seventies that the kids used to rag me about - but the 80's music is the last era I ever listened to 'modern' music, because we had a juke box in the shop.
Some of it was powerful stuff.

Bell bottoms were back in style for a couple years in the mid 90s.

*g* yes, I remember that and I said at the time"I should never have thrown mine away" - "Muuu-uuum!"

Yew loonk wuverly!

If I had naz skill atoll with a Wacom tablet I'd make a stylized picutre psotcarte of that pohto!

Leisure suit Yoj! Did yew have shoes to match?
And were there flamingi like on Miami Vice? :-D


You look fab cuz! :)

Everyone at Chu Lin says hi!!

White suit!!!! I like!!!

*lynn here, btw =P

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