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Well, the PROOF be here!
Recorded vocals with choir today. That was fun.

Burned my arm on the oven door as I was getting my asparagus out. Not fun. But at least the asparagus was deeeelicious. Asparagus + butter + salt + heat = Yum.

And I got pictures from my birthday party!! Not very many, but at least it's something. So here...


I guess this is what I'd look like if I could fly... with my legs cut off. Yay!

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Why are you still awake?

Go to sleep!


if i could fly, i'd be more of a floating, immovable thing. you look about as sparkly as the first pic!

My sister the cripple

I aint paying for no wheelchair




Whao!! How did you get that pose? hehe! kewlness! And oh..nice tee! hehe!


hey yoj!! how's it going?? aww.. u poor lil thing...but see, the burnt was worth the food... hahahas. does that make any sense at all?? anyways, take care!

lots of wurvee,
tab (:

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