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That's my new exclamation here: "Beauty!"

On a related note, I got my last roll of LomoPics back... old SonicFest pics + Sydney...

And here's my gorgeous neighbor, J.

The DJ in the dance room at SonicFest05

People dancing

Greeeeeeeen people dancing...

Sydney aquarium

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour

A boat!

Du on Manly Beach

J & M on the beach

Yay! Background in focus!

Is it not all beyoooooteous? I wuv my Lomo!! Russia, baby!!!

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The neighbour looks vaguely scandinavian...

you'se so cwever!! she IS!

Suomi, baby.

I REALLY was going to say she looks finnish, but decided to be more vague in case I'm wrong :)

You made it to manly! -Bey

Haha! You made it to manly - on a ferry from central I assume? Past the cliffs - you should really take a picture of that - and down the main street where Roxy, Billabong, Quiksilver and more have a shop EACH to themselves, not like Singapore where we pack all of them into flash n splash. Did you have fish and chips??? They're really fresh there - it's like.. additional flavour cos of the sea salt!

If you have time - go bushwalking! Or drive down to like Wollongong or even Nowra - there's small coastal towns along the way, lighthouses, even blowholes (where when the waves come in, the water shoots out from a hole in the ground), and Mount Kiema(?spelling) has like Kookaburra's sitting right in front of you (at the cafe, they have this humoungous burger that I (yes, I, Bey) needed to split into top and bottom halves to eat. I love burgers with BEETROOT!

Oh. I know all this because I've got 4 girl cousins living in Sydney - they're Aussies citizens, studying for their degrees, PhDs, Masters etc, and they all live and drive around, and show us their insider knowledge when we're there....

Shure they's lal hawt, but are they Yodge-Hawt?!

the EYE

as usual, thou takest greatest pics! hehe! nice nice! Where is you? WHERE!? hehe!

i'm BEHIND the camera! you can't take nice pics if you're in front of it! :P

Re: the EYE

OH ya hor. Paiseh paiseh! Hehe! oh oh!! My lecturer nominated me for this Broadcast Journalism internship this dec! weee! Now i just have to get thru the interview. Lala! Must practice smiling nicely...hehe!

hey, I took a pix of harbour bridge too when I was in Sydney last july. :)

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