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1. I was on MSN, and one of my long-time-no-see bestest friends from Year 10 (9th grade) appears. So I says "Hello!" and she says "Hello!" and I says "Did I tell you I was in Australia?" and she says "What?! SO AM I!!!"

She's coming to Sydney at the end of the month!!


2. My Mommy Dearest has wrangled a way to get me a FREE FLIGHT back to Sydney in January!! And possibly Business Class!! But it departs from Bangkok, so it looks like I'll just HAVE to go to Bangkok for Christmas holidays and go shopping and see all my high school friends and eat yummy Thai food, goshdarnit!

And it's only halfway through the afternoon! I wonder what other good stuff will happen today. Wheeee!!

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Ooohh....good good....

U can help me shop too!
Help buy your dearest brother some garlic pepper chicken seasoning and some cool funky t-shirts. Wanna do my Christmas shopping for me too?


wy would i do your christmas shopping for you when i'm gonna be in bkk AFTER christmas?

Oh yeah....and i thought u said u hated l33t users? Wats with the w00t?

U suxxors...lol


i've been w00ting for years. i don't l337. just w00t. and d00d.

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