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Encounterfest is over.

"UNITED weekend" at church is over.

Singing for 3 days straight.

No voice. I can only croak a little now. This is the first time ever I have sung and shouted so much that I've lost my voice. I'm amazed and rather amused, actually... and sorta enjoying this croaky low voice, since I've never really experienced it before. I did a bad bad vocal thing and kept singing (mostly alto) even though my voice was shot. Vocal Coach will be displeased.

The CD & DVD recording night was sheer insanity and I was crushed by the overflow from the mosh pit and spent half the night singing and elbowing boys in the gut as they tried to push us. I think male brain cells shut down when electric guitars power up.

And I think I lost 5 kilos in sweat alone.

Gonna try to be mute tomorrow to let my voice recover. Maybe I'll tie a little blackboard slate around my neck like they did in the olden days.

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re: I think I lost 5 kilos in sweat alone.

IRTA "i think i ate 5 kilos of sweets".

and i'm still envious.

Re: I think I lost 5 kilos in sweat alone.

That would've been cool though.

5 kilos!!!

If you whisper, so will everyone else. Don't know why, but it seems to work that way.
I only lost my voice like that, barracking at football matches at school.
Yes! Your vocal coach will probably tell you that it'll cause permanent damage if you do it too often - and they'd be right!:-/


don't speak too much then babe! Mustest restest your voice! Declare a Silent Day. Use hand signals! Hehe! It's fun...weeee!
*Singapore: still an authoritarian society; school kid got suspended from school for calling teacher a 'spinster' in blog (!!!). Unfreaking believable. They are usurping the right for teenagers to be teenagers. THe one joy of teenage life; dissing your teachers! =P (ARGH!!!: nervous at the rigid state of Spore society)

what!! suspended!!???


hey...i'm a random here...but i was @ encounterfest too! wasn't that great! can't get over it...i was in the mosh pit as well...trying to save myself from the guys! ahaha...i like that electric guitar thing about the male brain cells- ingenious...the sweat...all worth it tho!


yeah it was awesome.... but sooo sweaty! uuugh. how random that you found me...

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