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No. 7
Went out with M today to the mall, where we bought stuff for tomorrow's party and a bunch of other girly things. (I bought SPARKLERS! Yayyyy!!) It was so much fun... just going shopping without needing to hurry hurry hurry back for anything.

On M's to-do list was to get a hole pierced in the upper cartilage of her left ear, and since one has to buy a pair of earrings, I--very helpfully--got me a 7th poke.

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since one has to buy a pair of earrings
She could have kept one as a spare!

You know, in case she loses it?

and take away her chance to buy a NEW pair!? silly man.

you had six piercings? oO cool!

You took a picture of your EAR!! Only you Joy. Only you.

I lawaz wanted to saz taht.

Cllo earrings!


sparklers are *sparklie*!

and so are your years!

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