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Happy Birthday!
...to me!

I had a really good day. Somehow my birthday got put up onto the college announcement screen and then I had random happy birthdays come my way all day. And Emily did a happy birthday dance for me. Tee hee.

I'm OLD!

(And being here at Hillsong, I have to add: AND NOT MARRIED!!!)


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 7 more years to 30!


Happy birthday :D

Keep shinin', keep smilin'!


LOLOL @ icon.

Now find a hubby and start poppin' out kidlets!

And yew can't get mawwied fro a yeat! Yew'll be past 23!

Happy burfdaz, Yoj.

Here's a whole CHOKLIT factory!


Why can't she get married for a year?

maybe you just need to "ask" God for a man.. lol have yout ried that yet??

HaPpy HaPpy

Hiya Yodge:

I was flipping through my organiser for the first time in months.. and then there was your birthday!! SHould have taken it out for a good flip earlier..


Happy happy birthday, all the best wishes in the world, on your birth-day and every other!

Syntax class is different without you.. haha.


Nala Lee


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! I hope now you will be old enuff to not get mistaken as a 15 year old when watching movies...NC16 BLEAHS!!! Forever youngie baby!
And get married...hehe...aww...all is fate!
Luv ya babe!


hey yoj!! LOl. seems like you're enjoying yourself there huh..lol. ahhas. miss me? LOL. anyways. merry belated burfday!! LOL. muacks!(:
- tab (:

from bingz

happy hatchday joy!!!! =) woah if they put our birthdays up on IVLE, it'll be madness. hehehehehehehehe

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