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I love kippers. On hot buttery toast. Mmmm. Who cares that I stabbed my other index finger (deeper this time) (ouch) trying to get them out of the packet - they were delicious.

Also, BitTorrent is luverly wuverly and I watched LOST! Took less than a day! Wooo! So now I know I'll probably be good for the new season of Veronica Mars too. (I was wondering if my internet connection would be able to handle torrents, since I haven't tried BitTorrent here since this morning, so now I'm relieved.)

What a nice day. Kippers and LOST. Doesn't take much to satisfy me.

Oh! And I found out that J.D. Fortune won the INXS RockStar thing!! YAY! I knew he would win. I knew it I knew it I knew it.

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bloond - the best condiment!

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