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So I just had my first vocal lesson thingy, and it was interesting.

I got to sing just vowels and put my fingers in my mouth. Yum.

So now I'm in the library just killing time.

Hmmm, in other news, I found out last night that I'm an ESTJ according to the Myers-Briggs personality wotchamacallit. Housemate A is really into personality stuff and we had lots of fun (Aussie: "heaps of fun") analyzing ourselves! I love personality things. (Although I know I didn't do the "What Kind of Banana Peel Are You?" in teunc.)

Woke up at 4.50am today so I could do breakfast duty in college. It's early, but we get compensated with loads of leftovers to take home. And who doesn't like working with food?! I love food.

Yummy yummy barbecued chicken lunch in my tummy.

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for choir, we warm up by sticking our tongues out as far as we can and trying to sing up the scale (with the tongue still out). :p very very fun :p

>I got to sing just vowels and put my fingers in my mouth. Yum.

That's a good way to get tossed out of library, y'know...

tot it mite interest u... :)

hehe my conductor used to make us stick four fingers in our mouth and do scales to warm up. very fun but you'll look ridiculous doing that :)


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