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My House, Briefly
common sense
My house is fun. There are 5 girls in it. They are called A, E, J, M, & Yoj.

And we also have random boys that stop over. And random girls too. They usually sit around and eat.

I stabbed myself in the thumb today. It hurt. But for once it was a good thing that our knives are dull, or I would've lopped my thumb off. Although I suppose if it had been sharp I wouldn't have stabbed myself in the first place. Hmmm.

We have a little aloe vera plant. She's called Vera. We are very imaginative children.

Anyhow, weird things happen in our house. Things that result in things like this...

The end.

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(Deleted comment)

OMG! It's sucking her lifeforce!


Flee for your lives!

Seriously, Yowie, yew have a penchant fro inclincting havoc on yerelf!
Keep taht thumb disinfected adn antibiotified!

Adn take care!
Menny prayers and goond wishes, knot least of lal fro yer deliverance from the Boohbahs.


(Deleted comment)
It may disturb you to know that she was going "tee hee heeeeeeee heee heeee!" with her face squashed into the carpet, the entire time I was taking that picture...


Ehh...good ending to one of those X-Files. Hehe! Mind boggling. Vera eh. Hmm...is she really an aloe vera or GASP*, sekali a Venus Flytrap in disguise!!! o.O"

*semi-siow mood

she's a real aloe vera! she was growing wild in our garden (had to whip her to get her to behave) and so we decided to move her indoors on a plate.


Ouch, I say.

And I like the icon for this entry, very suitable.



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