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Spring is here!!!
There are little green buds on the trees and the weather is warm and I can have my windows open and yay yay yay!

Beautiful laundry weather!

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oohh.. pretty! hahah. talking abt TB.. i have to go for a screening test to see if we have it.. in fact the entire class has to go!! its like.. bleah. heard we gotta do jabs and all? ewwww!! anyway.. i like the photo.. hahah.

aiight. gtg. takecare dearie!
becca. :)

Yeah, they prick you with a needle and inject dead TB cells just under the skin. It forms a little bump under the skin from the liquid. Then you go back in a week or so and have them look at it. If you've been exposed to TB, then you'll have lots of TB antibodies (or something) that will attack the dead cells and the area will have become all read and inflamed and stuff. Then they'll give you a REAL test to see if you've just been exposed or actually infected.


yew so smart, gondy!

*pinches gondhir's cheeks*

Hey, I've gotten a lot of those tests!

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