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Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

In other news: I finally went to the doctor yesterday because of this stupid 6-week long cough and intermittent fever (and I coughed up a blood clot! It was awesome!) And the doctor suspected that I had tuberculosis.

How cool would that be!? It would be like in those historical romance novels where the woman dies of consumption! Consumption, dude!! Heh, that is so Anne Shirley of me.

But anyway, I got a chest X-ray and the radiologist went "Hmmm" and the doctor went "Hmmm" and then he said that I probably didn't have tuberculosis, but I did have slightly spotty lungs and it was probably the infection and scarring. So it's just a lung infection, most likely. But I had a tuberculosis scare!! Wooo!

Antibiotics are my friends. And Jesus is my friend too. Bwaha! I is win!

College is a blast.

Delirious? are coming to play on Sunday. That should be awesome.

And I wanna go to the Switchfoot concert at the end of the month. Need tickets.

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it WASN'T bad! just a cough! a widdle koff koff!!

have fun with Amphora & SE! waaah, i wanna be there! but Delirious is playing at our service tomorrow... i guess that makes up for it a little bit. gah.

ok, emailed my address.

fellow Sept baby

Yoj sounds like me - wait long long before deciding to see doctor.

How's it now? Take care k.


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