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Woes of the Internetless
So our internet died.

Last week.

And it probably won't be back for another few days.

And did I mention that our house doesn't have a TV?

So I'm here in the library.


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What will you do?! You'll have to READ!



NO tv!!! o.O"
Good thing you brought your vcds. You did right?! Argh!!! Hmmm, you can always go out and take in the culture! =P

no i didn't!!! i left them all in S'pore!! aaaaugh... i'll need to get my mum to mail them to me.... :P

don't have a tv?!
how do you survive?


we sit around and chat. or eat. or rent DVDs and sit around and chat and eat. hmmmmm.

i wish someone could take my tv away. watching too much already.


just unplug it!! or walk away! waaaaalk awaaaaay.....

but.. if you don have a tv.. how can you watch the dvds?!


becca. :)

another victim of failed electronic items

My lappie's in the (NUS) service centre for 1 week starting today, because the cooling system is GONE. The fans don't even move -_-

Anyway... How about you cook and the rest eat? =P


Re: another victim of failed electronic items

yup, i've been cooking and having others eat... baked pasta, chicken rice... :)

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