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Manly Beach!
Here are a few from the day at Manly.

macro lens love

a surfer

the beach (+ dude)

Yoj, M, & J in D's sunnies. wooo!

I just watched The Princess Bride. *sigh* And now I'm off to look for something to do for dinner. Yay!

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Ooh...nice nice! You is using sunnies! And ah..FINALLY! Dudes! hehe! SToked man! =P


Just wanted to mention how much I enjoy your photography. Beautiful stuff!

thanks! haha, took me a while to respond. ;)


cool. looks like you're getting hooked on taking your reflection in sunnies... haha =P

try taking something else reflected in sunnies? like the beach, heh =P

and btw, what does a macro lens do??


heh, reflections are cool!

a macro lens takes things close up. :)

JOYYYYYYY! -holding a box of tissues-

I got your present for ME! -sniffs-

I'm so tarcheeeeeeeeeeeed!


ps: choc banana pocky DO exist!

i lurve the shots la yoj. and nav.. i knw it existed.. its just not very sellable here in singapore thats why you don see it here anymore.. really. i think it was a taka before.

and.. sunnies = nice.
hehe. i love my shades too. :D

-becca. :)

heylow yoj!!! lol.i dunno wad to say..lol. but the waves are "wow"!! LOL. u look good.have u been putting on weight??hehe.

have u been putting on weight??


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