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Some photos from our trip out in the city on Tuesday...

Me, in the reflection in NeighborD's rather groovy sunnies.

Look! All the water's flowing downhill!!

It looks smaller in real life.

Neighbors M & J, thinking about lunch.

NeighborM taking a picture of the Sydney Opera House

Yoj in the UV light near the shark tunnel...

Scary, eh?

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But y do yer teef glow in zee dark?!

1. Sew cllo!
2. Sew pwitty!
3. Wuverly!
4. Nartsy!
5. Wowsers!


Re: But y do yer teef glow in zee dark?!

they glow in the dark acos only things that are white and sparkly glooooow....


ahahahah. righto.
okay.. i never see you online.. so.. thats bad.. hahahah. but.. im glad you're doing ok there.. argh. missya!


I love the underwater fishy photo. That is my favourite corner at underwater world. I can just stand there and 'absorb' the flosty feeling for ages - and not even 'think' about lunch.

flosty? - hmmm, what was Tyope thinking....try floaty.


Nice PICS! =P Esp the last one! Hehe!!! And i swear the aussie clouds are way nicer than singapore clouds! =P

halfway through an assignment =X

Sydney sky looks lovely. Not that the sky isn't as beautiful here, but I think it's just too hot for us to bother looking up and enjoying it.

Hmm, all your photos have a "blue" theme.

Think you need more sleep. Chase away those eyebags!!! =X


Re: halfway through an assignment =X

yea, it's super hot here!


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