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I brought a bunch of Lego over to Oz with me. It makes my desk fun and it helps avert boredom.


Going out for a barbecue tonight with my parents and family friends. I'm waiting for them to come pick me up. *yawn*

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that looks like an awfully dangerous structure, I'm glad you're not studying to become an architect. lol, just j/k. :D

lol! yeah, the window is hanging from the ceiling...

Oooh, now i'm inspired! i'll start a series of photos: Hazardous Lego Structures!

Lego is awesome. i love the big Lego stores in the US where you have Pick 'n' Mix Lego! fun fun fun.

You should have gone to Legoland when yew were in LA!

Re: Lego my Legos!



Aye, they have lots and lots of things made of legos. Actually, it's closer to San Diego than LA, but still relatively close.

lego is fun!!! but i didnt know they had pink legos.. mine's still the old skool type where its only the basic colours. hurhurhur!

anyways, u might be wondering whos this. well, im euphemia, do attend the sonic edge .. yeap, so just thought id keep a fellow sister in prayer..

take care and enjoy..

yeah, Lego now comes in all sorts of cool colors - pink and turquoise and cream...!

ooh awesome - friended you back! :)

joy joy joy.
legos are good.
miah and i were totally cheated at the lego fest @ Raffles City the other time lah!! boo! haha.
legos generate more creativity!! hehe. or.. it may just an outlet for boredom. hehe.

-becca. :)


I painted my LEGOs...hehe! All of them are PINK! Hmm...wonder why eh! =P

andrew: man.. even yr pics of legos are so nice and pro. hahaha wad camera u usin man. hav a good time there! :)

just a normal Panasonic LZ1! but aaah, Photoshop is your friend. :)

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