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...before I go to bed, I might as well post these.

Hunter Valley vineyards in winter


Sun behind some clouds

Wasn't terribly exciting, but it was pretty. (and cold.)

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really nice. i love how photos taken overseas always look so crisp and vibrant. i hate the clouds in singapore! :(

i have a theory that it's so hot and humid in singapore that nobody really takes the time to go out and wait outdoors for shots, so we hardly get great shots of singapore... or maybe it's all the haze we get from neighboring forest fires! hehe.

I've noticed that all beautiful scenery is in *cold* places.
I've begun to equate "green" with Brrrrrr, "I don't want to live here"..

yoj yoj yoj yoj yoj
glad everything's going good there! :)
hillsong..hills.. "the hills are alive..with the sound of music..." hehehe.

catchya. :)

lol! thanks becca! i miss you guys!! *hug* :)

i know i am!! bwahahahaha. :P

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