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Yoj The Builder
The furniture came, and I assembled it. But first, of course, we discovered that there wasn't a screwdriver in the house or at the neighbors', so I walked to the store to buy one. Of course, since I was there, I figured I'd buy my food for the next few days... not realizing the weight milk and tuna and mayo and mustard would be on the walk back.

I'm going to a college (and church) called Hillsong.

There are hills around.

Well, slopes, depending on where you're from. And stairs.

Anyway, it was a good workout - which I didn't really need, since I'd spend the rest of the day doing freaking carpentry and unpacking and lifting planks and using a half-useless screwdriver. Screwdrivers are real workouts for the arms and pecs!

Anyway, the room is now looking great, except for the pile of shoes in plastic bags by the door... I think I need to buy a shoe rack. And a little shelf. I don't really want to add my shoes to the pile scattered downstairs - no offense to the lovely girls I'm living with... I'd just feel more organized if I knew where all my shoes were.

Anyway, I'm knackered. My arms are like jelly and my back aches.

Good night!

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Hillsong! I was going to ask you if you'd *heard* of it. We had a whole programme about it last week on ABC. It was really interesting about how it grew. The family seemed so loving and open.
And the singing! They make millions.
What are you actually studying?

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