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Dum da dum DUMMM...
Well, had a very productive day yesterday. Went shopping, bought a wool quilt at nearly $30 off and some tops, and then went to Ikea ("We don't do ANYTHING for you, and you STILL pay more! Bwaha!") and bought a bed and a desk and stuff like clothes hangers and whatnot. Well, I suppose $200 for a bed, desk, lamp, and assorted stuff really isn't too bad, but once I added the $75 for delivery... gah. And I have to assemble it myself. Oh well, I'm good at that.

They're delivering this afternoon, so I have to be over at the house by about 11am.

I'll be living with 4 other girls in a really nice semi-detached house in a rather posh neighborhood. They're all American! Eeeeek! Am I gonna get all Americanized by living in Australia? Wot?

Maybe I really should revive the British accent. Although the Aussie accent is starting to creep in now. I realize I'm starting to use a quasi-Australian tone when I talk to the locals. Aaugh, stupid chameleon mouth!

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I was chuffed when I had my first dream in "Australian". I said something like ,"It's not hot enough but."
Semi-detached? What's that? A double unit?
$200 for the lot sounds like a bargain.

oh, i dunno what it's called in Australian... 'semi-detached' is one large building that has a wall down the middle that makes it into two houses with two separate front entrances...

...sounds like a *duplex*...
My daughters lived in one for a while. I thought it was a very good idea. They had separate lives, but were 'there' for each other.

yoj yoj yoj yoj yoj
so glad everything's doing aiight over there. hillsong..hills.. "the hills are alive...with the sound of music.." hehe.

catchya! :)

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