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Well, we're back from Hunter Valley, where we spent the "coldest days of winter" (-2 to 15)... It was cold. Anyway, we drove around sampling wine and cheese and chocolate to keep warm.

Oh, and a valuable lesson learned: When a hotel boasts of "Old World charm", this roughly translates to "no en suite bathroom" and "NO HEAT".

What a lovely way to spend a -2 night!

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Yes, well that *is* olde worlde isn't it? They had to trot down the garden to got to the loo(I can remember that - it was bloody cold!), and 'warm' was a hottie if you were lucky.
BUT, hotels should have electric blankets at least.
Hope you are wearing your warm underwear! I am! I'm glad we went to Canada a couple of years ago. I'm wearing all that clobber I bought for that trip.

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