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Well, we're back from Hunter Valley, where we spent the "coldest days of winter" (-2 to 15)... It was cold. Anyway, we drove around sampling wine and cheese and chocolate to keep warm.

Oh, and a valuable lesson learned: When a hotel boasts of "Old World charm", this roughly translates to "no en suite bathroom" and "NO HEAT".

What a lovely way to spend a -2 night!

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Yes, well that *is* olde worlde isn't it? They had to trot down the garden to got to the loo(I can remember that - it was bloody cold!), and 'warm' was a hottie if you were lucky.
BUT, hotels should have electric blankets at least.
Hope you are wearing your warm underwear! I am! I'm glad we went to Canada a couple of years ago. I'm wearing all that clobber I bought for that trip.


Woo...i would suffer cold just so i can eat chocolate to keep warm! =P hehe!
And oh..Old World Charm eh...hehe...so it's OUTDOOR PLUMBING??? o.O" Kampung!
BUt woohoo..good experience ya!
Luv ya, LuruN

no no! it wasn't OUTDOOR, but it was down the cold cold corridor.


miss you alrdy! haha. glad to know the down under's coolllldddd now eh? ha! hmm.. dec is such a long way.............


sniff. sob

joyyyyy! first service without you leading! sobs.

Re: sniff. sob

that's me.



i miss you guys!!

oh, i have a present for you... my parents will bring it back to S'pore and give it to Josh to pass to you.

Re: sniff. sob

FOR ME?! -screams for JOY- AHHHHH! REALLY?! WOO HOO! -dances-


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