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Well, I'm here.
And now for a nap.

But before I go, here's an itty bitty sample of Australian culture for you all, courtesy of jereeza:

It's a tiny little thing...

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well, no housing yet... will be moving in on Monday. but it's been interesting. I don't need to bathe half as often over here...

*sniffs self*

yup. :P

Glad to be reading yew on the other side of the ocean, yew... unwashed Yojsickle!

/me larfs at frozen Yowie

/me just gont bax from teh Yookay. Vert lille "Nold World Charm". :-D
(Wot does "en suite bathroom" mean, nazwaz? We had one toilet and shower shared among four rooms, and in every room was a sink area with a coffee maker, and they called that an en suite bathroom. Wot wot?)

Happy to see you're settling in well and having a goond thyme.
Sweet of yer NUS fwends to throw yew taht farewlel party, too!
Oh! Adn didja see my Edinpix yet?


ew :p

But I know what you mean. Just keep sniffing, just keep sniffing...


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