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Last day in Singapore, and my lellow suitcase is FAR too heavy. I think I'll need to empty it out and re-organize... maybe stick some stuff into my India backpack.

The cumulative weight of about 580 CDs is also rather daunting, even without the jewel cases. (Speaking of which - why are jewel cases called jewel cases? Where are the jewels?) I think I won't be able to bring them all. Poo.

Waaaaaah, I hate packing.

Oh, and Happy 40th Birthday to Singapore! (We're middle aged now!)

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hey joy.. may told me that u were leaving.. didnt realise that it was so soon.. hope u have fun there.. nice meeting u at sonicefest.. heh heh... my sister noticed the shirt change only AFTER i changed back. lol.. well, update when u can yeah? take care and God Bless! :0D

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