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NUS Cell threw a farewell party for me!! Lots of food (I must say, the Church Of Our Saviour NUS students are the BEST cooks) and we played Balderdash and drank punch (my recipe, of course: orange concentrate, 7-Up, tea, and beer) and they even gave me a farewell scrapbook with photos and lots of lovely notes inside. *sniff*


I think if we wanna get more people in the Cell, we should throw more potluck parties. Simin's pretty little hors d'oeuvres + Oli's curry + David & Ling Ying's homemade pizza + Sze's oyster dip + sushi + noodles... oh, and Simin's homemade gelato which I didn't get to taste but I'm sure was delicious.... did I forget anything? Food is the way into a Sporean's heart. (We're little hairless hobbits.)

Anyway, I gotta go to bed now. Tomorrow I'll be picking up the PowerBook from the infuriating Apple people who've informed me that the thing still hasn't been fixed after being with them for a week (as dashamus explains, Apple customer service is useless because they're all a bunch of hippies), then going to get a haircut, and then to dinner with my godmother (the non-fairy variety) and godsisters who've flown in from England. But YAY, I'll be getting my beloved computer back, albeit unfixed.

Anyway, last haircut before Oz! I've been advised to cut it as short as I can bear so that I won't have to get a ridiculously expensive haircut in Sydney. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll try a really short look! Hope I don't turn out like a little meatball-head.

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We cut each other's hair in college. If it turns out revolting you just start a gnu fashion!

do it rilly, rilllly short!

then we'll get to know what you look like as a skinhead!

and later, a coconut!

orange concentrate, 7-Up, tea, and beer


That sounds really scary.



Re: What she said.

it's DELICIOUS!!!!

3 parts 7-Up (or Sprite), 2 parts orange concentrate (or less, depending on what kind you use), 1 part very concentrated English Breakfast tea, and 1 part beer... well, actually, all those proportions are guesswork, i usually just pour it all into a big bowl.

oh, and dilute it with lots of ice.

sooooo yummy.

ahh!! you're going off tmr!!!!

-becca. (:

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