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Well, I finally gave in and sent my PowerBook in for servicing... a USB port and the line-in jack hadn't been working for, oh, maybe 8 months now... But they say I'll only get my computer back in FIVE WORKING DAYS. And even then the dude was like "Oh, maybe five days... could be longer..."


The good thing is that with no computer, I'm not checking my email obsessively every hour, so at least I can get some packing done. (I'm using my Mom's laptop now... Windoze! Eeek!)

I've leaving in a week! ONE WEEK!!!


Anyone know if I can bring instant noodles into Australia?

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yeah you can.. just make sure it's pack nicely blahblahblah.. it should be fine.

I declare anything edible and they scrutinise it, look at the label and push me out the door....
Coming from Asia, they will be more thorough - it must be in its sealed original container.

Anyone know if I can bring instant noodles into Australia?

It buuuurrrnssss usssss!!!!

Finally, she sends SOMETHING in for repairs....


maybe you could buy them there. They have maggi haha...and their own brand called 'Fantastic'..

Which implies that you should bring your own. Just smuggle it. :p

yeah mate..

hi yodge, nalalee here.. Glad to see you had so much fun at sonicfest, wish i could have been there.
and yes, you can take foodstuff into australia as long as you declare it. The only thing you don't have to declare is panadol. Bleaugh. good luck with the packing!


I ended up not being able to get tix for SonicFest, attributable to plain forgetfulness and irresponsibility. But strangely enough, I got roped in last min for Orientation Week at Bizad last Friday.

Which I wouldn't want to volunteer for if I had got the tix for SonicFest. And the friend who roped me in found it weird that I was willing to go, 'coz he asked me like 8 hours before the camp started. But I really felt ok with that. Except the "be-in-sch-by-8am".

[And Orientation's like the kind of thing where you either like it or you don't, so it's really hard to find people when you need them at the last minute.]

Strange? Hmmm. God works in funny ways...

Anyway, I'm presently having Koka's spicy black pepper noodles. I think they used beef stock. It's more exp - 80 cents per pack, but it's quite a big one, and got loads of stuff to add in (seasoning, a bit of oil, garnishings....)

You might wanna try that, even if you don't plan on bringing it to Oz =P


we missed you!!! especially in the DJ room! we were dancing our asses off!!

Re: O.o


it's complicated. but it felt good to be there... like there was a purpose they couldn't have accomplished if I didn't go.

but I definitely would've loved to be dancing with you guys!!! XD


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