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SonicFest 05, Day 2
Day 2: Parousia, Vertical Rush, Planetshakers (again) and then Sonicflood. Sonicflood was impressive, although some of their newer songs sound strangely like dcTalk material.

This is SL against a partially cloudy PITCH BLACK night sky. I discovered I can change the shutter speed of my digicam! And I get awesome night-time pics like this!! I was amazed.

Vertical Rush


Oh, and I got attacked when I stepped in an ant colony with my bare feet. They were VICIOUS. Managed to get rid of most of them, but never managed to shake the feeling that something was crawling up my legs for the rest of the night... or that something was biting my butt.

Then at 11pm I went shopping with my parents at Mustafa Centre, this awesome 24-hr department store in Little India. We bought new luggage for our travels (all our suitcases were basically trashed in the US.) tamf will love my new suitcase. Will post why later, although it should be obvious.

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is it sparkly, eh? is it sparklily *lellow*????

(awesome pic of S-L btw!)

How did you get your cases trashed in the US?
...and don't you get those vicious ants in Spore?
You'll have to be carfuel over *here* - they are not just vicious, they can be downright dangerous. (Though they are eradicating the fireants)

Well, airport baggage handlers just drop things at great height for fun, I think... I bought 2 new suitcases before I went to the US (which were fairly cheap, I admit) and different family members used them on our trip... a wheel broke off one, and a plastic chunk (part of the handle/frame) broke off the other... and the seam split on an older third bag. Gah!

We don't have so many biting-vicious ants here, I think... or maybe I just don't go running around on grass that often... hmmmm.

Ho - that was really bad luck. I bought my case from Crazy Clark's for less than $50 and I'm really pleased with it.
They do get thrown around though, even by the 'moving belt' thingy at the airports...

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