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SonicFest 05, Day 1
It has started!

Went with Van and we arrived in time for Surreal's set, followed by Planetshakers. (Had a little episode with security as they wouldn't let me in coz admin had misplaced my entry pass... stole Jerome's in the end.) We're playing Saturday. Surreal and Planetshakers were both really good, although the crowd took a while to warm up.

Gosh, that stage is big.



The fringe-ish part of the crowd in the pwitty swirly lights

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I is coming! I is coming!

JOY! JOY! JOY! I didn't know it was Livejournal that you had!!

Are you a paid account user?? You have the most amazing icons! Pus mood icons too!!

Argh! jealous!

I will add you soon, so you can read my rude angsty blog and see the nasty side of your naughty cousin. :p

Hui your magnificent cousin. :)

ADD ME NOW!!!!!!!!! Or I'll tell your mom that you have a rude blog!!!!


You have so many fabulous icons!!

How did you get a perm account???

So jealous I is!!


Added you already lah :p...don't have ta laugh like this...


Why thank you! icons are fun.

I got a perm account at the last Perm Account Sale... a couple months ago. They do that every couple of years. Cost me a pretty penny! But I couldn't resist. :P


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