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Ai aiii!!!! The Wedding Piccies Have Come!!!

The Womenfolk

The Menfolk

The Couple


And there you have it.

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they're some of the most lively wedding poctures i've seen! y'all look like you're cahtually enjoying the photography. freaks of nature, or just naturally teuncy?

i think we're just a naturally teuncy bunch. and we were pulling faces and yelling silly things at each other off camera....

Y'all are beautiful and handsome, where appropriate. You look like your momsie, and she's beautiful, so...;)

aw, thankyew! haha, that's exactly what she says to me... "You're not ugly! you look like ME! and am I ugly?!" Me: "Aaaauuuugh..."

Your Mum looks way too young to be your Mum. Does her gnu hubby have children of his own?
What wonderful photos!

haha, i'll tell her you said that! (no, he doesn't.) :)


Hey gal

You mom looks soooo pwetty! =) And ya man, you look just like her! =) Everyone looks soooo happie! Yaay! And oh, lavender...nicey! =P

wheeee! ooh, you actually said lavender and not PINK! hardly anyone got that...

oooo. pretty!!!


Wow, i must say that everyone looks splendid! The happiness seems to just glow.


it's the sweat. hehe!

(Deleted comment)
Beautiful pictures. Your mom is lovely (and she's right, you do look rather like her), and all her bridesmaids are visions. We always say that, but it's true! (Who's the lady farthest to the viewer's right in the top pic? She's the first specs-wearing Asian person I've seen among your family and friends! Do some of you wear contacts or are you all just unnaturally non-nearsighted?)

I can't say I recall seeing male guests (other than the groom himself) in such high spirits at a wedding before, either! Was your bro in any capacity other than as the son of the bride? And who is the fellow right behind the groom?

Yoj == qyootest bwidesmaid evah!
Nice 'do, too.

Your mom seems to be smiling for the approaching thing you're all pointing at. I take it they mounted Pippin on a boom so he could catch her bouquet? ;-)


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