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Random Pics from the Murkia05 twip
The LomoFilms are still undeveloped, so here's the the digicam evidence of the LaLa portion of the trip:

...from Seal Beach.

Over the Pacific on the way to Lala Land.

Some of the beyoootiful guitars at the Guitar Center.

I knew he was a freak!!

Yoj RainbowFoot

I made the Brother do this on the street in California Adventure. Bwaha! (It looks strangely Photoshopped, but is actually untouched. Hmm!)



Another from Seal Beach. (Still no seals.)

Off to NYC!

Yeah, I realize I don't have any wedding pics... but I really don't! I'm still waiting for them, if they come at all. Gah!

New York pics coming soon!

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Yer big brudder is fnuny! (His legs loonk liek an Auton's tho. No fofense!)

Niiice guitars.

Taht is such a qyoot loonk in the trailer pic! Yew should make a nicon offit!

Who's the mirrore in the mirrore pic? Lemme guess, a Broilerette?


Re: Byooteeous skypix!

Who's the mirrore in the mirrore pic? Lemme guess, a Broilerette?
Nope, tis the Future Sister-In-Law.

the guitars look pretty and vintage-y!

your pics look so picturesque! (like pro-ded stuff you find in books/pro websites) <3 them lal!

^rampant usage of ! marks.

this thyme i'm not going to protest against the size
of the poctures.
they're lal as big as they feel is wright. and
they're all either weird, or funny, or atmospheric,
which means i guess that they have found their won true soul.


eeek! pweddie!!! what's yor digicam like? the resolution is shockingly good.

fazy- needing a new digi


It's a Panasonic Lumix LZ1... 4.0 megapixels. With a luverly 6x optical zoooooom. I'm quite pleased with it myself. :) Nobody really needs much more than 3 or 4 megapixels anyway, unless you're making wallpaper (and I mean real physical wallpaper for your wall.)

I am going to steal some of these pictures and make icons. Bwahahahahahaha! Especially the guitars one! *eViol laughter*

*shifty eyes*

If that's okay with you. *big pleading eyes*

yee, go ahead. (i laready have... muhah.)



Josh's legs look skinny in that pic =P

i know!! and weird and PLASTIC looking!!

Yew look qyoot in the trailer pix. And if yew want seals, yew should ahve gone to San Diego, they ahve a seal colony on the coast right by downtown.

why thank yew.

ooooh, seals... must make a point to get to San Diego next time. Maybe they will do battle with Shamu.

Although you do need to make sure it's the right time of year. They migrate or something so they may or may not be there.

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