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Nearly there!
Well, the new Hong Kong airport is way more fun. And it has free internet. (see?) And lots of pretty shops and cafes and restaurants... and deeeelicious HongKong food. I wouldn't mind being stranded for 5 hours HERE!! (Yes, still sore from the crummy LAX experience.)

Another 3 and a half hours and I'll be back home, after more than 24 hours of traveling. W00t!

Murkia was fun! Now back to real life... gotta start packing for Oz soon. Waaaah!

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Never been there, but my daughter was 'stranded' in your airport for 4-5 hrs, and thought it was wonderful. They had a shower, food, and even a nap.She said it was the best airport they went to.

Yayy!! for Oz. How long are you going to be here?

Re: ..and I frogot...

two yeats! :)

Re: ..and I frogot...

Yayyy!! Lotsa thyme to save up and moont.

Yay blogging 'round zee werld!

Wlelcomb bax to Nasia!

Yew should start a Globetrotter Yoj column!


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