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LAX is poo.
This airport transit area is so maddeningly boring and technologically backward that I can't believe I'm paying 25cents a MINUTE to use this crappy internet access station. It has a crappy keyboard and is generally crap all around. I can't believe a huge aiport like LAX doesn't havesome sort of wireless network. JFK did!!! Stupid boring airport with no shops or fun things!! Am I spoiled by Sporea's glorious Changi Airport?

Aah i can't take this keyboard. and i'm not paying any more money... bye!!

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Am I spoiled by Sporea's glorious Changi Airport?
Yes!! I TOLD you LA was crap.
I couldn't even find a phone that worked to ring Softrat! We had to wait till we got to Vancouver.

AAAH! YES! What is it with Murkian payphones!? I never got one to werk!! At least the airport ones didn't eat up my money... I think I fed a couple NYC phones with over $4 worth of quarters before giving up.

That's why you buy a calling card and use that. It's far easier and far cheaper. No one makes long distance calls at payphones by feeding them quarters.

That's why I lawaz fly Protland or even O'Hare to Nasia! I dknot think I've ever flown out of LAX afore.

Safe twip!
Bon voyage!


(Deleted comment)
More pics coming!! (and i'll psot a few shewing you WHY i'se spoilt!) gha!!

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