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TEUNCmoot NYC2005, pt 1
idril celebrindal
Proof that TEUNC is people!

Crochet Queen sui_degeneris on the Subway

lurkinglaurie had it the whooole time.

barahirion is eViol.

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Sooooo qyoooooooot!

*dies of lal teh qyoot*
More badnannas! Eek!

Nice red filter!
Is taht from Fotoshoop or yer digital camera?
Laso, is eet a goond idear to let Nazguls have Silmarils?

Man, Hsoj is thin!
(Silly Bha, umbrellas dknot make goond lightsabres.)

More, more,

Re: Sooooo qyoooooooot!

thass knot a red filter! it was the actual lighting in the restaurant!

You look like you're too cool for the subway :D

Laurie looks all smiles.

Josh looks like he might not be a minstrel after all, but an ent, or some kind of very thin fencepost,

and Denise just has this perfect look on her face: "Bha, please behave." Hehehe

you're all very, very qyoot!

Awesome pics :D

(Deleted comment)
yerknow, I had Video Killded teh Radio Star in my head fro nearly 2 daz. I blame YEW.

i can only agree with your icon. it's all vert vert bouncy! and teuncy, too!

I wish I could give you all a hug.

(Deleted comment)

yeah, it's lal on record now

bha is eViol *and* cute.

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