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So I went to Sentosa with family (my new baby cousin is insanely aborable) and friends today. It rained. But Underwater World is, well, underwater.

( More at sg_snapshots )

edit: Added two more.

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Woo... where exactly in Sentosa was the second last pic taken? (the tress, puddles and baby one) Very pretty, i think. Haven't been to Sentosa in a while.


that pic's taken in front of the "new" Images of Singapore wax museum thingy. There's a big pretty space with trees. :)

Go to Sentosa! It's only $2 now!

I love Underwaterworld. There's a corner I can stand and *be* part of the smokey blue cave of the fishy world.It's dreamy, floaty and relaxing.

Yeah, I think it would be on a regular day... but yesterday it was so CROWDED, it was really really difficult to breathe. aaaaugh, i hate pushy touristy crowds that yell and push and yell... grrr!

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